Pc Potection

Era Pc Protection Pro (Security Software)

Era Pc Protection Software is security software with unlimited security features to block unblock files, folder, application (windows as well as third party programs), usb pen drives, DVD/CD writers and websites. Blocker software even runs in hidden / stealth modes, where it can start with hotkey and run commands.

Pc Protection is user friendly tool from era softwares help to maintain privacy for your applications, file and folders, even when someone else use where system, Gives complete  independency regarding the use of his system by others, after blocking important data or information or program increase the comfort level of system users. Password protection features also help the user to maintain the privacy of application as it can open only with the defined password. The second part is its stealth mode as software can be hiding from desktop, add and remove control panel and from program files, after making protection if user want, then software can be hide from everywhere. 

Key Features are

Block and unblock files, folder with hidden features
Block and unblocks websites
Block and unblock Dvd Writes
Block and unblock Usb and pen drives
Run in stealth mode
Password proteched
Unistall only from software interface
Run with hotkey and run commands
Support windows version